Flowgear pricing and service levels

Affordable enterprise-grade platform for large corporates & mid-sized businesses

Our all-in plans provide the most transparent pricing for iPaaS based on the number of active workflows you need. Simply select the plan that works for your business – there are no hidden consumption costs.

One platform to grow your business, ​Flowgear is the perfect choice for organizations wanting to achieve accelerated integration without the cost and complexity of a software project or on-premises middleware deployment.

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Flowgear pricing

Base Standard Professional Enterprise
$1,499 /month * $2,499 /month * $3,999 /month * Contact us
Active Workflows ⓘ 5 20 45 100
Stored Workflows ⓘ No limit No limit No limit No limit
Activity Logs ⓘ 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days
Integrate Cloud & On-Prem ⓘ Included Included Included Included
Annual Support ⓘ 10 Hours 25 Hours 50 Hours 75 Hours
Silver SLA ⓘ Included Included Included Included
Technical Certification ⓘ Included Included Included Included
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Platform features
All Connectors ⓘ
All Workflow Templates ⓘ
Visual Data Mapper ⓘ
Choice of Region ⓘ
Multiple Environments ⓘ
Connections ⓘ No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit
Data Imports ⓘ No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit
Advanced Professional Services ⓘ
Dependency Insights ⓘ
Build your own Connectors ⓘ
Build your own Apps ⓘ
Enterprise API ⓘ
Revision Management ⓘ
Release Management ⓘ
Custom Security Groups ⓘ
Per-Environment Security Groups ⓘ
Custom Domain ⓘ
Static IP Address ⓘ
Custom Firewall Rules ⓘ
VNet Peering ⓘ
Direct Resource Access ⓘ
On-Premises/Private Cloud ⓘ Available
Availability Strategy ⓘ Single VM Multiple VM's Multiple VM's, Cold DR Multiple VM's, Hot DR

* Fixed price per month on a 12 month contract

Flowgear excels against Magic Quadrant leaders

See what Gartner, G2 Crowd, SourceForge and Slashdot have to say.

Flowgear enables Businesses of All Sizes to shed the workload & complexity of App-to-App integration quickly & affordably. Build powerful Application, Data & API Integrations from a single interface in minutes, not months, using our no-to-low code, .NET iPaaS Platform. 200+ pre-built application & technology connectors provide instant integration to hundreds of SaaS & on-premise applications, as well as reusable workflows & APIs.

We enable rapid implementation and a high cadence in building complex, multi-endpoint integrations, with sophisticated ETL & data mapping scenarios through our low code visual workflow design.

Overcome Data Silos & Boost Productivity with our Complimentary Proof of Concept or Free Trial.

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Service levels & professional services

Service Level Agreements

All Flowgear plans come standard with our Silver SLA. Gold and Platinum SLAs are available at an additional cost.

Need help building integrations?

Flowgear operates a Professional Services team to help organizations that don’t have the time or skills to create or manage integrations. Services include project definition, creating and implementing integration workflows, and support on an existing integrations.

Should you build or buy a software integration solution?

By using the Flowgear integration platform, businesses can focus on the systems that are critical for internal and customer success and leave all the complex integration and automation issues to us!

What developers should consider

Modern organizations depend heavily on an increasing array of apps, systems and services to operate efficiently and grow their businesses but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today.

Hand-coded, point-to-point integrations are expensive to implement, non-sustainable and uneconomical to maintain, while the traditional Enterprise Service Bus-approach requires substantial up-front planning and results in an inflexible solution.

Flowgear’s internationally renowned platform enables organisations of all sizes to build powerful Application, Data and API integrations whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise, all from a single interface.

By buying an integration solution rather than building, you as the developer enable greater interoperability between legacy systems and new digital technologies, and enable the organization to implement component-oriented solutions rather than monolithic ones.

The business IT landscape is changing and becoming more distributed, so you need to have an integration solution that is adaptable; hand coded systems usually are written for a limited scope of work and don’t lend themselves to quick reliable changes.

By investing in an integration solution you are driving business value by providing opportunities for the business to change more quickly. 

The integration of the systems enables the process to work faster without errors, which is essentially table stakes these days.