Partner Program

Leverage our platform to build powerful integrations for your customers and

drive new business

At Flowgear, we offer two distinct partner options tailored to meet varying business needs

Flowgear B2B Referral Program

The B2B Referral Program is best suited to individuals or companies exclusively interested in referring the Flowgear Platform to third parties.

These Partners entrust Flowgear with the entire sales process, from initial lead introduction to subscription sales, implementation, and ongoing customer support.


Flowgear Advisor Program

The Advisor Program is best suited to VARs, ISVs and System Integrators, who want to Sell the Flowgear Platform and Implement the solution for their clients.

These Advisors inherently need to provide an integration solution for their clients as part of their core business.

Partnership Benefits and Minimum Requirements

Partner Benefits

B2B Referral Partner Flowgear Advisor
Once off Commission

Receive 100% of the first months subscription revenue for each subscription sold

Annuity Revenue

Receive up to 12% of monthly subscription revenue in perpetuity

Professional Services Revenue

Earn 100% of the professional services implementation revenue

Minimum Requirements

B2B Referral Partner Flowgear Advisor
# New subscriptions sold per calendar year
Professional Services Implementation
Technical Certification Training - Min 2 people certified
Sales Enablement Training - Min 2 people certified

Why Flowgear?

Modern organizations depend heavily on an increasing array of apps, systems and services to operate efficiently and grow their businesses but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today.

Hand-coded, point-to-point integrations are expensive to implement, non-sustainable and uneconomical to maintain, while the traditional Enterprise Service Bus-approach requires substantial up-front planning and results in an inflexible solution.

The Flowgear partner program enables SaaS vendors, VARS, ISVs, and system integrators to leverage Flowgear enterprise iPaaS technology (Integration Platform as a Service) to significantly reduce the effort and cost of application and data integration projects.

Flowgear provides the all-in-one integration platform, as well as the certification training to ensure partners deliver their integration projects successfully.

Flowgear excels against Magic Quadrant leaders

See what Gartner, G2 Crowd, SourceForge and Slashdot have to say.

Flowgear enables Businesses of All Sizes to shed the workload & complexity of App-to-App integration quickly & affordably. Build powerful Application, Data & API Integrations from a single interface in minutes, not months, using our no-to-low code, .NET iPaaS Platform. 200+ pre-built application & technology connectors provide instant integration to hundreds of SaaS & on-premise applications, as well as reusable workflows & APIs.

We enable rapid implementation and a high cadence in building complex, multi-endpoint integrations, with sophisticated ETL & data mapping scenarios through our low code visual workflow design.

Overcome Data Silos & Boost Productivity with our Complimentary Proof of Concept or Free Trial.