Digital Agility

There are over 200 hundred pre-built application and technology connectors, developer tools and workflow templates included within the Flowgear platform, across various software categories (eg. ERP, CRM, Accounting).

Most Flowgear connectors form a light abstraction layer, enabling integrators familiar with the underlying product or service to be productive immediately. This also ensures that integrators have much more precise behaviour control than is available in competing platforms.

For products that do not have an API, technology connectors provide access to common standards for databases, file systems and transports.

All core connectors are constantly refreshed by the Flowgear technical teams to match the latest vendor product releases. Integrators are able to control when a connector is upgraded but do not need to worry about version compatibility.

Developers are able to easily build their own connectors using the Flowgear software development kit (SDK).

What are you trying to connect

Custom connectors

Where there is a need for industry vertical or highly specialized connectors that are not part of the Flowgear toolbox, developers can build their own connectors with very high ease of use. The test harness implementation allows developers to place connectors that are under development onto the live design canvas and then live-debug them from within their development environment as they are invoked from the Flowgear engine. This approach drastically compresses time and reduces complexity of building connectors.

Citizen integrators

Flowgear enables the option for citizen integrators, the term for business users with some technical knowledge who can perform certain operations. Citizen integrators can compose trigger-action workflows by re-using lower level workflows that have been published by developers. This allows citizen integrators to use existing workflows for other practical applications without always relying on the development team. The resulting solutions provide high ease of use, without compromising security and control.