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Why Flowgear?

Find & open flat files (Excel, PDF, CSV), extract & reshape the data, capture the data in your CRM, ERP, Accounting, e-Commerce & other Systems.

This simple workflow is one of many ways to integrate and automate your systems with our iPaaS platform.

Flowgear enables companies of all sizes to boost productivity & profitability by integrating with any Application, Services, API or Database, using our No Code Platform, with 200+ pre-built connectors, reusable workflows and APIs.

All integrations and workflows are built visually to pass data between different systems to automate processes or facilitate transactions connecting your internal systems, suppliers and customers. Your subscription allows you to use all 200+ connectors, build an unlimited number of workflows and only pay for what you using.

An integration platform as a service, or iPaaS, is a cloud-based platform that enables integration between cloud and on-premise systems, offering a broader range and deeper functionality of integration capabilities than traditional solutions.

An iPaaS provides an agile and flexible integration architecture, allowing businesses to undertake digital transformations, break down data silos, and adapt to the rapid change of application portfolios from a single interface. Because the platform runs in the cloud, no infrastructure or specialized technical knowledge is required.

Integrations can be implemented, maintained and scaled significantly faster and at a substantially reduced cost.

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Flat Files (CSV, Excel, PDF)

Read or create Flat Files

While every organization has its own approach to exchanging files, a common file format that many accept for standardizing data integration between business applications are flat files.

Flowgear allows you to read flat files or create flat files from other sources, such as XML or JSON. You can build powerful data transformations that take data from flat files and import it into business systems, or integrate and connect data from other applications into a flat file for analysis or reporting.

Automating the manipulation of flat files is easy with Flowgear Workflows which can be run on-demand, scheduled at specific times or when a trigger is activated, such as the arrival of a flat file in an email.

Using Flowgear’s QuickMap Node, you can visually map data from a flat file to a different destination file using a rich set of data manipulation and formatting functions.

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Flowgear excels against Magic Quadrant leaders

See what Gartner, G2 Crowd, SourceForge and Slashdot have to say.

Flowgear enables Businesses of All Sizes to shed the workload & complexity of App-to-App integration quickly & affordably. Build powerful Application, Data & API Integrations from a single interface in minutes, not months, using our no-to-low code, .NET iPaaS Platform. 200+ pre-built application & technology connectors provide instant integration to hundreds of SaaS & on-premise applications, as well as reusable workflows & APIs.

We enable rapid implementation and a high cadence in building complex, multi-endpoint integrations, with sophisticated ETL & data mapping scenarios through our low code visual workflow design.

Overcome Data Silos & Boost Productivity with our Complimentary Proof of Concept or Free Trial.

Flowgear excels against Magic Quadrant leaders

See what Gartner and G2 Crowd have to say.

Flowgear’s internationally renowned platform enables companies of all sizes to overcome data silos by creating powerful Application, Data and API integration on-premise and in the Cloud from a single interface. No Coding Required!

Our cloud-based platform has empowered scores of industry leaders worldwide to integrate their SaaS Applications, create innovative reusable workflows and automate time consuming, repetitive processes to increase productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence.