Flowgear professional services & support

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Flowgear operates a Professional Services team to help organizations get the most out of their investment. If you don’t have the skills to create or manage integrations, we can assist you with integration design and deployment. Once we’ve helped you implement an integration, we can skill up you or your team, through our online technical certification course, to manage it yourselves. Our consultants and developers work closely with customers to understand objectives, clarify requirements and deliver the most appropriate solution.

25 hours | 50 hours | 100 hours

Professional services & support pricing

PS or support hrs/ yr
25 hours 50 hours 100 hours
Cost per month * $340 $655 $1,240
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* Fixed price per month on a 12 month contract

Free support included

Each subscription plan includes a fixed number of free support hours (another industry first)



10 hours per year, valued at $1,800



25 hours per year, valued at $4,080



50 hours per year, valued at $7,860



75 hours per year, valued at $11,400

Services we provide

Proof of concept

To prove viability and value of an integration solution.


Advice for new customers

This services offers advice at key points during your implementation. This enables you to get going fast and achieve faster time-to-benefit.


Integration implementation

This service provides a completely implemented integration based on requirements and specifications.

Skills transfer

For clients with technical teams, Flowgear can train and guide your technical professionals through the process of building and managing integrations.

Integration first line of support

For smaller organizations, or those with limited IT resources, use Flowgear as your support for building new or running existing integrations.


Review and optimisation

For existing clients we offer this service to ensure that integrations are optimized and delivering the expected business requirements and benefits.