What we do for SaaS and independent software vendors

Customer assurance, proceed with confidence

If you develop off-the-shelf or cloud software you want to give your customers and prospects the assurance that integration with their existing software will not be an obstacle to their operations. With Flowgear as your partner, you can provide that assurance, allowing your customers to proceed confidently.

Flowgear for SaaS vendors

As more companies move to the Cloud, SaaS consumers will increasingly demand flexible integration options from their SaaS providers. Providing a product-specific API is no longer sufficient to bring the buying decision forward. SaaS and iPaaS packaged together present a more complete business solution and therefore a more attractive investment.

Flowgear for ISVs

For ISVs (independent software vendors), ensuring that their applications can integrate seamlessly with third party solutions is imperative. Many ISVs have attempted to solve the integration challenge with hand-coded solutions, but increasingly customers are not prepared to accept the cost and time of additional IT development to integrate applications.

Universal API

Flowgear’s workflow designer allows your customers to develop sequences of integration activities using a mix of third-party API’s, as well as your own. Then, they can expose those workflows as a single API giving consumers a universal RESTful endpoint. So, in addition to your own API, you can provide them with powerful tools to create complete business processes and partner connections from your application.

Integration Platform-as-a-Service

Working with an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) offers the best combination of speed-to-market, lower cost and reduced risk. You can focus on your core competence and application. Flowgear has been purpose-built to handle the complexities of integration, no matter whether the application is in the cloud, on-premise, or even mobile. Our breadth of support for different systems, technologies and protocols will allow you to handle a wide range of integration situations without any scalability issues. You can even bundle our solution in your application.

Should you build or buy a software integration solution?

By using the Flowgear integration platform, businesses can focus on the systems that are critical for internal and customer success and leave all the complex integration and automation issues to us!

What developers should consider

Modern organizations depend heavily on an increasing array of apps, systems and services to operate efficiently and grow their businesses but sharing data between them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT today.

Hand-coded, point-to-point integrations are expensive to implement, non-sustainable and uneconomical to maintain, while the traditional Enterprise Service Bus-approach requires substantial up-front planning and results in an inflexible solution.

Flowgear’s internationally renowned platform enables organisations of all sizes to build powerful Application, Data and API integrations whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise, all from a single interface.

By buying an integration solution rather than building, you as the developer enable greater interoperability between legacy systems and new digital technologies, and enable the organization to implement component-oriented solutions rather than monolithic ones.

The business IT landscape is changing and becoming more distributed, so you need to have an integration solution that is adaptable; hand coded systems usually are written for a limited scope of work and don’t lend themselves to quick reliable changes.

By investing in an integration solution you are driving business value by providing opportunities for the business to change more quickly. 

The integration of the systems enables the process to work faster without errors, which is essentially table stakes these days.