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Flowgear enables companies of all sizes to increase efficiency and reduce cost by integrating their apps, services, API’s and databases. No coding with 200+ pre-built connectors, reusable workflows and APIs.

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Why Flowgear?

Flowgear’s .NET Platform enables businesses of all sizes to shed the workload & complexity of App-to-App integration quickly & affordably.
Build powerful Application, Data & API Integrations from a single interface in minutes, not months, using our no-to-low code, iPaaS Platform.

Our iPaaS platform (integration platform as a service) with multiple deployment options, has empowered scores of industry leaders to integrate their SaaS Applications, overcome data silos and automate time consuming, repetitive processes to increase productivity and profitability.

Flowgear’s unique subscription model, based on Active Workflows with fixed monthly pricing, provides companies with enterprise integration technology at an exceptional high ROI.

Search over 200 pre-built connectors

200+ pre-built application & technology connectors provide instant integration to hundreds of SaaS & on-premise applications, as well as reusable workflows & APIs. Great for Enterprise, perfect for SME’s.

Enable rapid implementation cycles

Flowgear offers an extremely high cadence in building complex, multi-endpoint integrations, with sophisticated ETL & data mapping scenarios through our no-to-low code visual workflow design.

Multiple deployment options

Flowgear’s platform can seamlessly integrate into on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid environments. Enterprise clients can also opt for a complete on-premise deployment for exceptionally low latency and additional isolation.

Security and Compliance 

Customers enjoy class-leading VM-based workload isolation even on our entry level subscription. Flowgear recognizes the importance of adhering to the highest industry standards and is pursuing a SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

Flowgear excels against Magic Quadrant leaders

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Using Flowgear’s robust platform you can create enterprise-grade, integrations for your business processes, quickly eliminating the time and cost of developing and maintaining individually hand-coded point-to-point connections.

Through our online Technical Certification Course hosted on, developers and citizen integrators can take advantage of our intuitive drag and drop visual designer and Connector library.

Alternatively developers are able to easily build their own connectors using the Flowgear software development kit (SDK).

The Flowgear platform is 100% scalable and is backed by a professional support team and robust service level agreements.

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Focus on growth, not manual tasks

Free up your team’s time to focus on what really matters: growth and strategy. Flowgear will handle all ETL, EDI, data migration, data input, and automated data-driven reports for better insights.

Maintain your integrations and workflows in real-time

Integrations quickly become a critical component of your business operations and need to be maintained in real-time. Third Party endpoints are frequently updated, which if unmanaged, can result in downtime. Companies cannot afford the time to review complex code or be dependent on individual developers as seen with hand coded solutions.

​All core connectors are constantly refreshed by the Flowgear technical team to match the latest vendor product releases. Integrators are able to control when a connector is upgraded and do not need to worry about version compatibility.

Build and manage APIs

Is integration the gap between a New client and an Active client?
Building an API for your clients or suppliers to integrate with your environment is the first step, but definitely not the last one. Oftentimes, the API doesn’t solve the end-to-end integration problem. You’ll still need to:

  • Figure out who’s responsible for building the integration between your API and your clients’ systems – is it your company or your client’s?
  • Budget for the last-mile integration (both time and money!)
  • Support the departments that are most affected by the lack of complete integration (sales, development, operations, finances, etc)

Let Flowgear wrap your Existing API into an Application Connector to deliver your last-mile integration. New clients become Active clients in minutes, not months.

Flowgear – Workflows

Flowgears integration solutions are designed as workflows. A workflow is a visual representation of an integration task that is composed of a series of steps called nodes. 

Workflow example: How to Extract data from a SQL database into Salesforce

Intuitively build sophisticated workflows with our drag and drop visual designer, powerful logic functions and real-time processing.

Use our revolutionary DropPoints to gain instant secure access to all on-premise applications.

Our collaboration tools increase productivity by enabling users to control asset versions and share resources.

What is iPaaS?

An integration platform as a service, or iPaaS, is a cloud-based platform offering a broader range and deeper functionality of integration capabilities than traditional solutions. Flowgear’s iPaaS enable companies to integrate between both cloud and  on-premise systems, or a hybrid thereof.

An iPaaS provides an agile and flexible integration architecture, allowing businesses to undertake digital transformations, break down data silos, and adapt to the rapid change of application portfolios from a single interface. Because the platform runs in the cloud, no infrastructure or specialized technical knowledge is required.

Integrations can be implemented, maintained and scaled significantly faster and at a substantially reduced cost.

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Get basic workflows into production quickly, use agile IT methodologies, visually manage & orchestrate workflows and iterate through changing customer demands effortlessly.

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SaaS vendors / ISVs

Extend your software capabilities with powerful integration options, add value to your products by bundling an integration solution.

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Large enterprises

Build and manage blue prints and patterns for workflows and connectors. Link systems and data to create efficient business processes that run seamlessly across the entire organization.

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Flowgear’s unique pricing models help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) do more, within their budget, and with limited resources. SMBs can move faster, take advantage of more opportunities.

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