Powerful app, data and API integration to overcome data silos

One Platform to integrate all your applications, on‑premise and in the Cloud.

What We Do For Businesses


Integration for SMBs

SMBs (small and midsize businesses) can integrate on-premise and cloud solutions, connect with partners


Cloud & On-Premise

Integrate best-of-breed applications (cloud and on-premise) for digital business transformation


Data Migration

Synchronize multiple ERP systems, after an acquisition or re-organization


Internal & Line of Business

Connect business-specific or customized apps with back-office systems, to create efficient business processes


Enterprise API

Replace costly inefficient EDI procedures with a more effective data integration solution


E-Commerce integration

Integrate customer-facing or supplier-facing applications with back-office ERP and accounting systems

What We Do For Developers, SaaS vendors and ISVs


Modern, Powerful Design

Build, deploy and maintain integrations from an easy-to-use web app. Developers enjoy an intuitive visual design experience and and rich debugging.


Effortless Routing

Connect applications, regardless of whether they’re on-premise on in the cloud, without having to add layers of infrastructure


API’s are King

Develop integration points using your own or third-party APIs. Expose integrations as a single API via a universal RESTful endpoint


Productized Integrations

SaaS vendors and ISVs easily publish powerful integration solutions to their customers or channel with the option to monetize them on a pay per use basis.

How We Do It

A modern design and debugging experience

The rich, in-browser workflow canvas visualizes not only sequence of execution but also how data will move across applications as it runs. The designer drives productivity by allowing developers to test specific sections of a workflow while the workflow sharing capability enables collaboration with others, even if they don’t have a Flowgear account.


Who We Work With



Get basic workflows into production quickly, use agile IT methodologies, visually manage and orchestrate workflows, and iterate through changing customer demands effortlessly


CIOs / IT Managers

Build and manage blue prints and patterns for workflows and connectors. Link systems and data to create efficient business processes that run seamlessly across the entire organisation


SaaS Vendors / ISVs

Extend your software capabilities with powerful integration options, add value to your products by bundling an integration solution

Create a data export and import for a user

How to extract data from a database and load it to a spreadsheet for a business user to run

Create an API from a Workflow

Create a REST API to extract data from a database

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