Brands who trust us

Theo Matthews, Digital Developer

Flowgear is an exceptional iPaaS developer intuitive tool

Flowgear is an exceptional platform for custom software and workflow integration in the cloud. The DropPoint technologies and integrated node debugging is crucial to enterprise workflow development.

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Scott Gardner, CIO, Ira Green Inc

The fastest time to value of any tool we have implemented

I have experience with multiple integration and workflow providers in very large enterprises. Our implementation and use of Flowgear has far exceeded our initial expectations, and we continue to derive value.

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Peter Aling, CTO

Easy to learn and implement, not too much overhead

VAT IT has been using Flowgear internally to support the integration of our systems for the past two years. As a company that processes large volumes of data across a myriad of systems, integration is a key element of our IT ecosystem. Flowgear is an incredible tool that is both intuitive to use, highly performant and very secure. We had our first integrations up and running within a week of the training!

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Rob Scott, CTO

Excellent iPaaS solution and support team

Excellent iPaaS solution. We are able to develop and maintain integrations without impacting product development. Drop-point technology is powerful as is the ability to develop custom workflow nodes using C#. Support team was very helpful in getting started and answering questions.

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