Use Flowgear's pre-built connector to integrate with SYSPRO

Product description

SYSPRO is an integrated business software suite (ERP), including accounting, manufacturing and distribution operations, than runs across a wide variety of industries.

Integrate and automate integration tasks between SYSPRO and other applications.

Use the Flowgear platform to increase your productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence!


Benefits of using this connector

  • Integrations quickly become a critical component in a business so stability is incredibly important.

    Third Party endpoints like SYSPRO are frequently updated, which if unmanaged, can result in downtime. Hand-coded integrations require frequent review or dependence on a third party integrator making it difficult to avoid breaking changes.

    The Flowgear SYSPRO is a robust wrapper around the underlying API or database and new versions of this Connector are shipped as the vendor releases updates. This approach minimizes overhead and ensures integrations remain functional across vendor product updates.
  • Avoid complex API documentation, deliver solutions in 25% of the time compared to hand code.

    Each Flowgear connector includes a set of Samples.

    These samples visually surface all the features, objects and fields made available by the SYSPRO API, including any customized objects.

    Example: "Create Contact" quickly filter through 3500 Salesforce Objects.

    See Video – Salesforce Samples
  • Avoid down-time or disruption caused by brittle hand coded solutions or plug-ins
  • Connectors and workflows are frequently updated and maintained
  • Speed of deployment – 75% faster than hand coding
  • All your current and future integrations are built and maintained on one platform
  • Achieve a conservative cost reduction of between 40% - 60% as compared with a hand coded equivalent
  • Empowers non-technical team members to understand and contribute to the process
  • Let Flowgear handle automation so you can focus on growing your business
  • Improve security, reliability and control the process end-end
  • Automate acquisition of data from any app, service, file, or database
  • Code-free, visual mapping of data
  • No FTP or file -based intermediaries
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Integrate with both on-premises and cloud-based systems (or a hybrid thereof)
  • Secure, API-led platform, 100% compliant with GDPR and other data privacy laws
  • Have a single system of record by integrating data from other systems into SYSPRO
  • Ensure data integrity and validation
  • Eliminate manual data entry from other applications
  • Allowing for bulk data processing
  • Allowing processing of single events e.g. a single sales order received from an API
  • Automated samples with easy toggle of parameters: Quickly build a prototype transaction, instantly able to see the fields and their definitions
  • Quickly find function for purpose
  • Automate document flow of document submission between you and your business partners like suppliers and customers
  • Reduce manual retrieval from eCommerce platform
  • Reduce manual capture of Sales Orders
  • Reduce printing, scanning and emailing processes

Complimentary Proof of Concept

Not sure how the SYSPRO integration would work on your own systems? Test before you buy!

See the SYSPRO integration in action with our complimentary proof of concept. Register for our free trial and the Flowgear integration experts will build a free proof of concept workflow based on your own integration requirements. No credit card needed and no obligation! We're happy to demonstrate how Flowgear's enterprise-grade integration platform can be applied to your organization and how a single workflow can boost your productivity and profitability.

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Popular examples and use cases

  • Add & maintain customers & suppliers
  • Create sales orders & invoices
  • Post payments & adjustments
  • Automate inventory movements
  • Update purchase orders & receipts
  • Update bill-of-material attributes
  • 2B or Inter organization trading: Automatic creation of orders in companies within the organization that are trading with each other
  • Ecommerce synchronizations: Orders, Supplier Purchase Order, Customers, Stock levels, Products, Prices, Invoice, Payments, Delivery Notes
  • Automated Courier Instructions (if the company uses dispatch note module)
  • Automated notifications or reports
  • Customer Statement Submissions

How to videos

Integrate MS Excel with Syspro ERP

Create Purchase Orders in Syspro ERP from data extracted from a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

Using the generic Rest Request Connector

Use Case: Consume an open API definition (Swagger) to expose it’s capabilities using Flowgear’s generic Rest Request Connector.

Using the generic Web Request Connector

Use Case: Connect to APIs that do not have an exposed consumable API Definition using Flowgear’s generic Web Request Connector.

Enterprise API to ConnectWise Manage

Use Case: Capture real-time data from external sources to log service tickets in ConnectWise Manage using Flowgear’s Enterprise API.

Shared workflow examples

Help articles


    The Flowgear SYSPRO Connector integrates with SYSPRO using the Business Objects

Technical specifications

  • SYSPRO license is required

Customer stories

  • Core Group

    Core Group selects Flowgear to integrate its systems with an international consumer electronics supplier

    Customer technology retailer, Core Group, needed to integrate its ERP system to the APIs of an international consumer electronics supplier.

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  • SA Premix

    SA Premix selects Flowgear to integrate an e-commerce portal with its ERP system

    The Flowgear integration platform allows SA Premix to integrate orders from its e-commerce portal with SYSPRO to automate the creation of production jobs.

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  • Coricraft

    Coricraft uses Flowgear to keep inventory updated and reduce manual operations

    Flowgear enabled Coricraft to integrate inventory data in SYSPRO with the system of an acquired company, and also between warehouses.

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