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Product description

Flowgear’s QuickMap is a visual data mapper that maps the elements of a source data set to a different destination data format, and supports hierarchical mapping, functions and filtering. Both JSON and XML document types are supported.

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Popular examples and use cases

Synchronizing or consolidating data between different data sources | ETL (extract, transform, and load) to enable data movement

Benefits of using this connector

  • Visual hierarchical mapping including upstream and downstream mappings
  • Support for JSON, XML and XML schemas
  • Automatic preview from within the Visual Mapper
  • Manipulate field and container mappings using Excel-like functions
  • Apply filters at the container level using Excel-like functions

How to videos

Webinar on the QuickMap node

How the enhancements to Flowgear's QuickMap visual data mapper makes it easier to build sophisticated integrations without requiring coding or technical scripting

Shared workflow examples

Help articles

  • QuickMap

    Map a document into a desired form by providing visual hierarchical mapping and rich function-based field manipulation
  • QuickMap Functions

    List of functions supported by QuickMap. Most of these functions are identical or similar to Excel so that they're as familiar as possible

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