Amazon SQS

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Product description

Amazon SQS is a distributed message queuing service that enables sending of messages via web service applications and provides a highly scalable hosted message queue.

The Flowgear Amazon Connector handles queuing and dequeuing against Amazon SQS queues.

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Popular examples and use cases

Asynchronously process workloads by de-queueing tasks into a Workflow | Publish tasks originating from Flowgear into an Amazon SQS queue | Smooth processing load by having one workflow enqueue tasks to Amazon SQS while another de-queues them

Benefits of using this connector

  • Access Amazon queues and integrate with on-premise and cloud applications
  • Store and retrieve messages between application components anywhere
  • Manage asynchronous tasks and work flows

Help articles

  • Amazon SQS Queue

    Use this Node to manage queue operations including a one-time dequeue, enqueue or delete against a specific Amazon SQS queue
  • Amazon SQS Dequeue

    A Trigger Node that awaits a message on the specified Amazon SQS Queue and dequeues it

Customer stories

  • selects Flowgear to improve the integration capability of its event booking and venue management tools, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor, needed to integrate their online booking and venue management product with multiple outside systems

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