Building APIs

Enterprise APIs

Flowgear provides a secure enterprise API that can handle requests from external parties to an organization’s applications, and process business transactions without the requester needing to understand the details of the underlying applications.

Publish API’s by simply binding a workflow to a RESTful endpoint, then consume it from your own services and apps. You’ll never need to recompile your own code when business logic or access rules change.

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Create a basic REST API

See how to create a basic REST API from a Flowgear Workflow


The Flowgear REST API supports all the service features required for the Console and importantly also allows consumers to invoke Workflows via API.

To drive this, a REST endpoint template is bound to a Workflow and can then be consumed via the API. This permits offload of business logic and data acquisition into Workflows and has applications in API Management, Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) and EDI.


Creating and managing keys

API Keys are used to authorize invokes of Workflows via REST API.  Read more


  • Use Flowgear’s Connectors to consume popular apps and services without coding
  • Build multi-API Workflows to enable complex business processes
  • Provide secure interactions with your own applications by exposing workflows as APIs
  • Support for a RESTful URL template against integration workflows
  • API publishing is fully integrated into the Console
  • Encourage citizen developers (business users with some coding experience) to access corporate information, while maintaining appropriate controls and security

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