Partner Program

The Flowgear partner program enables SaaS vendors, ISVs (independent software vendors), and system integrators to significantly reduce the effort and cost of application integration projects. Flowgear provides the all-in-one integration platform, as well as the expertise to ensure partners deliver their integration projects successfully.



Integration solutions for your customers



Integrations for industry verticals



Connectors in your own products and solutions



Integration templates that different project teams can customize



Connectors that you have built



iPaaS complements ESB subscriptions tied to workflow usage

Benefits to partners

For system integrators

  • Provide integrations for customer projects rapidly using Flowgear’s visual design canvas and connectors and pre-built integrations
  • Connectors available for enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, accounting packages), technology endpoints (databases, file structures), standard protocols (REST)
  • Connect applications on-premise, in the cloud, SaaS, and with APIs
  • Share workflows for collaborative development and maintenance
  • Improve consultant productivity and reduce delivery costs with Flowgear’s integration platform-as-a-service
  • Create integration templates which can replicate across different project teams
  • Offer configuration, management, monitoring and maintenance of customer’s integration processes

For SaaS vendors and ISVs

  • Easily build integrations for your application with Flowgear’s library of integrations and connectors
  • Ensure rapid development with Flowgear’s visual design canvas, and drag-and-drop interface
  • Embed/OEM Flowgear within your solution to enable seamless integration
  • Build your own connectors and generate revenue by reselling them

Program Features

  • Platform subscription revenue – we pay you the value of the first month’s subscription per client on inception plus up to an additional 12% of monthly subscription revenue thereafter
  • Professional services revenue – create a new revenue source in your business by offering Flowgear solution implementation to your clients
  • Co-branding – your clients see your brand when they use the Flowgear Console
  • Sales support – we provide access to Flowgear marketing collateral and sales process assistance
  • Technical support – get help from our Professional Services team on projects that are not within your area of expertise

How we help you

  • Enable you to create a new revenue stream
  • Assessing opportunities in your market
  • Product and sales collateral
  • Provide additional expertise on projects
  • Subscription management and billing

Benefits of using Flowgear

  • Flexible, cost-effective pricing plans for different range of uses
  • Fast time-to-value & Lower cost
  • Large library of integrations and connectors
  • Flexibility of a cloud-based integration platform-as-a-service

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