Mega-Tech is a Flowgear approved partner

Integration and automation

Mega-Tech has partnered with Flowgear to provide integration and automation services to its clients using Flowgear's iPaaS Platform (Integration Platform as a Service).

Mega-Tech is an accredited:
  • Flowgear Reseller
  • Flowgear Certified Implementation Partner
The platform significantly lowers the time, cost and technical skills required to create and manage enterprise integrations between hundreds of applications, systems and services. This enables companies or all sizes to integrate their systems in minutes not months and securely share data internally or with third parties, all from a single interface.

About Mega-Tech

Megatech Business Solutions is a Durban based software development company specialising in ERP systems helping companies manage their day to day operations. We are solutions orientated. We create and enhance business process systems by harnessing a practical approach in optimally satisfying client’s business systems and process requirements.

Our vision is to be the leading Information Technology provider, striving to deliver Innovative Business Solutions to our customers.

We are in this business to make yours run smoother. Our people have a passion for developing cutting edge software to simplify business processes. Choosing the right technology at the right time enables us to create device agnostic solutions which can grow together with your business.

Megatech is able to collate and logically structure data providing clear reporting outcomes. We produce comprehensive BI reporting allowing for better business decisions.

We have many years’ experience in information architecture and instructional design. We save you time and money by getting it right at the planning and design stage. Megatech will manage your project from start to finish, giving you the convenience and confidence of working with a single provider.

Mega-Tech Services / Products

SYSPRO ERP SYSTEM With a vast knowledge of the Syspro product and many years of experience, we at Megatech Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd are able to tailor Syspro ERP to suit your exact business needs. Our unique approach to Syspro implementation and support is what separates us from the rest.
SYSPRO POINT OF SALE Syspro’s point of sale is a complete online and offline solution with a wide variety of features to meet all your in-store requirements.
SYSPRO WORKFLOW SERVICES Syspro’s workflow solution connects the dots between people, documents, software and systems. It is the ideal solution for implementing and automating business processes.
SYSPRO ESPRESSO Mobile devices have changed the way we live giving us immediate access to the world anytime and anywhere. So why not have full control and access to your enterprise the same way? Syspro Espresso places your ERP System in the palm of your hand through your mobile device. Compatible on any windows, android or ios device, Espresso will enhance your organisation’s mobility and ease of access.
SYSPRO E.NET SOLUTIONS Syspro allows for 3rd party applications to easily integrate to Syspro. Our development team will customize applications from production planning to scanning solutions to meet your business requirements.
SYSPRO TRAINING Syspro administration and end user training tailored to suit your organisations business requirements.

Domain Expertise

Mega-Tech has domain experience with the following applications/products:

  • Microsoft

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