PowerFluence is a Flowgear approved partner

Integration and automation

Digital Transformation is all about turning data into usable information that connects your business with customers and suppliers across channels, applications, and platforms.

Whether you work directly through personal relationships, enable a distributed network of partners, or interact digitally through web sites, contact centres, or social media you need a digital strategy and connectivity architecture to become a nimble digital enterprise
PowerFluence has the consulting and IT expertise to help businesses leverage world-class tools such as Flowgear to:
– Build relationships with customers
– Enable connections with suppliers, distributors, and retailers
– Integrate internal and external systems to turn data into usable information

PowerFluence is an accredited Flowgear Platform implementation Partner.

About PowerFluence

PowerFluence provides Management and IT Consulting Services for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Integration, with a focus on Digital Transformation. In addition to digital transformation strategies, we provide project-focused software development, IT training, and staffing services. Our solutions are powered by Salesforce.com, AI, and API led integrations.

The core of PowerFluence is talented people working together to help our clients succeed. We don’t own factories or have a supply chain of parts. Our product, and in fact our whole brand, is inspired ideas that can change the world one business at a time. PowerFluence is proud to be a certified Disabled-Owned Business Enterprise, as well as a certified Minority Business enterprise. Working with PowerFluence helps our clients achieve disability inclusion and diversity equality goals.

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