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Integration and automation

In the industries that thryve operate, access to accurate and comprehensive data sets are essential for its clients. Flowgear assists thryve to provide such datasets in a much faster and simpler process. Inevitable changes to integrations are also taken care of quickly and efficiently, giving clients better insights into not only their own in-house applications and data, but also external sources.

About thryve

thryve is a cloud-based technology solutions provider specialising in CRM, risk management and insurance technology solutions with a 15 year track record.

thryve is a leading South African company with international partners, providing cloud-based insurance administration, risk management systems and CRM systems to a blue-chip client profile of large South African corporates and insurance intermediaries.

With a 15-year proven track record, we apply our local industry-expertise and world leading risk and insurance technology to deliver a solutions-driven approach to assessing, measuring and managing business risk.

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