Peagasus Consulting

Peagasus Consulting is a Flowgear approved partner

About Peagasus Consulting

We advise & assist customers to use SYSPRO most effectively and efficiently. This enables our customers to manage and control all aspects of their business, including user securities, inventory control and best practices to name a few.

We also offer customized service level agreements to suit your requirements.

With us, you will benefit from the award‐winning SYSPRO product, our superior customer support services and comprehensive on‐site training programmes as well as on‐site and telephonic support.

We have partners in development who offer solutions, bar coding and barcode scanning.

Peagasus Consulting Services / Products

  • SYSPRO implementations, upgrades & Training
  • Data migrations & conversions
  • Reporting – All reporting, multiple platforms, including financial reports
  • Customization and power tailoring
  • Define business processes and align with SYSPRO
  • Process flows (SPM/Visio)
  • SYSPRO Workflows
  • Microsoft Office integration to SYSPRO
  • Document formats/templates
  • SYSPRO audits
  • General SYSPRO consulting and support

Domain Expertise

Peagasus Consulting has domain experience with the following applications/products:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
    Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Teams
  • MySQL


Peagasus Consulting services the following industries:

  • Distribution
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Telecoms
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Refractory
  • Retail
  • Steel & Plastic Manufacturing

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