Build your own Connectors

Flowgear Workflows are composed of a series of Connectors where each Connector provides a wrapper around a third party service or data source, usually by interacting with its API.

Developers can use Flowgear’s SDK and Test Harness to easily build, test and publish Connectors. Build your own Connectors in order to interact with custom line-of-business systems or to provide fast algorithmic processing. When a Connector is going to integrate with a third party app or service, you’ll typically connect via it’s API. Alternatively, if the vendor provides an SDK, it can be baked directly into the Connector to provide fast, robust implementation.

Live debug connectors


  • Debug your Connector by running a Workflow in the Console and having execution break directly into your Connector code in Visual Studio in realtime
  • NuGet references for our SDK and Test Harness make it easy to stay up to date
  • You decide whether to publish your Connectors for private use or share them with the community

What you will need

Videos on how to build your own Connector

How to build a Connector Part 1

How to build a Connector Part 2

Flowgear Help Articles

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