Connect SYSPRO with other applications

Flowgear’s SYSPRO Connector allows you to integrate and automate integration tasks between SYSPRO and other applications, offering unprecedented ease of use with no coding. 

Automate update tasks

Enable automatic updates of Purchase Orders and Receipts, Invoices, Customer Records, Inventory, and SCTs.

Improve productivity

Make connecting to apps like Excel, MS-Access, Salesforce, and SQL Server easy.

Ensure data security and integrity

The Flowgear SYSPRO Connector integrates with SYSPRO via E.Net Business Objects to ensure that proper control over data being imported and accuracy in data being retrieved.

  • Hundreds of supported integration transactions
  • Samples and schemas available directly in Flowgear
  • No coding required
  • Start integrating transactions in minutes

Integration templates

Excel Accelerator


All data imported is pre-validated by SYSPRO so you don’t need to worry about data integrity

Available import templates

  • Add and Maintain Customers and Suppliers
  • Create Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Post Payments and Adjustments
  • Manage Assets
  • Manage Contacts
  • … and many more!


  • SYSPRO 6.0 or later
  • SYSPRO E.Net Business Object licenses (varies depending on the imports being performed)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and higher

The Accelerator supports all imports via SYSPRO E.Net business objects. Check with your SYSPRO VAR if you wish to confirm support for a specific type of import.


Update Sales Orders from third-party apps

Do you have a specialized customer order application are need to update sales orders in SYSPRO Flowgear’s SO integration enables you to update sales order attributes.

Example attributes

  • Customer
  • Customer purchase order
  • Sales order number
  • Sales order line
  • Stock code
  • Order quantity
  • Order date
  • Order UOM
  • Warehouse
  • Price

Speed up SCTs

Are you taking too long to process many SYSPRO Supply Chain Transfers (SCTs)? Flowgear’s SCT integration can automate inventory movement attributes.

Example attributes

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Source warehouse
  • Target warehouse
  • Stock code
  • Order Quantity
  • Order Date


Update Purchase Orders

Do you worry about getting purchase order data into SYSPRO quickly and accurately? Flowgear’s PO integration can update attributes for POs and Receipts.

Example attributes

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Stock Code
  • Stock Quantity
  • Cost
  • Warehouse and Reference


import/update stock from other data sources

Are you spending too much time importing or updating stock items in SYSPRO from other applications or data sources? Flowgear’s inventory integration allows you to update SYSPRO inventory control attributes.

Example attributes

  • Stock Code
  • Description
  • Long description
  • Unit of measure
  • Volume (count)
  • Supplier code
  • Product class
  • Product group
  • Cost
  • Warehouse to Use


Simplify BOM updates

Do you find updating SYSPRO BOM items, e.g., costs, a problem? Flowgear’s BOM integration will enable you to update BOM costs and other attributes.

Example attributes

  • Item
  • Key
  • Parent
  • Version
  • Release
  • Route
  • Sequence
  • Component
  • Quantity
  • Warehouse


You will need a e.Net license for SYSPRO (speak to SYSPRO or you reseller)

Watch video demonstrations

Import data into SYSPRO

Flowgear’s Data Import feature allows you to easily import any data from Microsoft Excel into SYSPRO. Watch the video to see how.

Ready to get started with Flowgear?

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