Integrate with Azure Queues

Integrate your applications with message queues in Azure Queues

Azure Queue storage is a service for storing large numbers of messages that can be accessed anywhere via authenticated calls using HTTP or HTTPS.

Flowgear has Connectors for queuing and dequeuing against Azure Queue storage.

Easily access queues

Easily access Azure queues and integrate with on-premise and cloud applications.

Manage distributed applications with decoupled components

Store and retrieve messages between application components no matter where they are running; manage asynchronous tasks and work flows.

Get up to speed quickly

  • Start integrating transactions in minutes
  • Design and monitor everything from a browser
  • Samples and schemas available directly in Flowgear

Use cases

  • Use Flowgear’s Azure Queue and Dequeue Connectors to asynchronously process workloads in a Workflow
  • Publish tasks originating from Flowgear into Azure Queue storage
  • Smooth the processing of workloads by having one Workflow enqueue tasks to Azure Queues while another dequeues them

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