Use Flowgear's pre-built connector to integrate with CloudBlue

Product description

CloudBlue Service Automation platform (previously known as Odin) provides cross-platform management solutions for service providers selling integrated cloud solutions.

Flowgear’s CloudBlue Automation Connectors offer full access into the CloudBlue API allowing automation of CloudBlue functions, including provisioning and deprovisioning of services, DNS changes and billing integration both within an organization and with business partners.

Use the Flowgear platform to increase your productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence!

Popular examples and use cases

Integrate with CRM system to create customers, add activities, build email campaigns | Integrate with accounting system to manage billing & customers | Manage master data, such as SKUs, customer data, pricing, plan descriptions | Manage resellers, customers, users & subscriptions

Benefits of using this connector

  • CloudBlue hosters enjoy fast time-to-value with quick prototyping, an iterative design model and reduced time and cost
  • Enhance customer onboarding capability
  • Bulk update of customer resources
  • Provide APIs for resellers or customers for specific business processes
  • Full API support for ConnectWise Manage and Autotask PSA

Help articles

  • CloudBlue Business Execute

    The CloudBlue Business Execute node is used to execute calls on the Business side of CloudBlue
  • CloudBlue Business Complete

    The CloudBlue Business Complete Node can be used to commit or roll back a transaction created by the CloudBlue Business Execute Node
  • CloudBlue Operations Execute

    The CloudBlue Operations Execute Node is used to execute calls on the Operations side of CloudBlue
  • CloudBlue Operations Transaction

    The CloudBlue Operations Transaction Node is used to manage transactions used on multiple calls made on Operations

Technical specifications

  • CloudBlue Automation environment
  • CloudBlue APIs should be enabled and available

Customer stories

  • Keenondots

    Keenondots gives its resellers the cloud service solution they need using Flowgear to integrate disparate systems

    Keenondots, a cloud automation platform provider, integrated CloudBlue Service Automation with Autotask PSA software using the Flowgear integration platform and professional services.

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