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VAT reclaim enables businesses to recover up to 27% of their expenses but preparing the required supporting data can be a significant bottleneck. Manually collating and submitting data is time consuming while building a complete bespoke automation incurs significant software development cost and requires ongoing maintenance. 

Now, using Flowgear’s pre-built VAT IT connector, clients can seamlessly automate transmission of data end-to-end with zero manual intervention.

  • Automate acquisition of data from any app, service, file or database
  • Code-free, visual mapping of invoice and expense fields
  • No FTP or file -based intermediaries
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Improve security, reliability and control the process end-end

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Build Powerful Application Data API Integrations

VAT IT has partnered with Flowgear to help clients streamline the sharing of data and to upload T&E and A/P invoices. Enjoy enhanced security with significant time and cost saving.

About Flowgear

Flowgear is a Gartner-recognized Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that enables organisations of any size to seamlessly integrate apps and services. 

“VAT IT has been using Flowgear internally to support the integration of our systems for the past two years. As a company that processes large volumes of data across a myriad of systems, integration is a key element of our IT ecosystem. Flowgear is an incredible tool that is both intuitive to use, highly performant and very secure. We had our first integrations up and running within a week of the training!

When looking for a partner to support our new data API, Flowgear was the logical choice and are the first iPaaS solution to support a VAT IT connector. We have no reservations in recommending this solution to our customers.”

Peter Aling, Chief Technology Officer, VAT IT

Fast prototyping and code-free design empower organizations to accommodate the rapid rate of change in modern technology infrastructure.

  • Hundreds of pre-built connectors
  • Secure transfer and processing of data
  • No infrastructure or maintenance overhead
  • All your integrations are maintained in real-time, to prevent possible disruption
  • High ROI – Pay only for what you use
  • Speed of deployment – 75% faster than hand coding
  • High ease of Use – 100% no code
  • Future Proof all your integration requirements on a single interface
  • Seamlessly blend cloud with on-Prem
  • High Sophistication – Achieve Complex multi-endpoint flows

Flowgear enables companies of all sizes to boost productivity & profitability by integrating with any Application, Services, API or Database, using our No Code Platform, with 200+ pre-built connectors, reusable workflows and APIs

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