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  • Run SQL Query with Variable Value

    This demonstrates the execution of a SQL Query using the SQL Query node where the parameters for the query are provided as Custom Fields on the node itself. This is useful for creating dynamics queries that can change depending on the data inputs provided.
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  • SQL Table Update

    A simple example of how to Insert or Update data using the SQL Table Update Node. The SQL Table Update node provides an efficient way for executing bulk insert/updates on a database without having to hand-write INSERT or UPDATE statements.
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  • SYSPRO Transaction

    This example workflow demonstrates how data is pulled from a database and compared to the previous query using the Reducer Node, data that has been determined to be new is then sent through and the Syspro Node is used to Post a Sales Order based on the information retrieved from the database.
  • Variable Bar

    In this example, we have an input variable, an output variable, and a configuration variable. This workflow will take a value from the input, add it to the default value specified in the configuration, and present the result as an output.
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    • Update WooCommerce Products from API Endpoint

      Update products from an API endpoint to WooCommerce. This workflow example pulls product information from Sync API and uses the QuickMap node to prepare the data for insert into WooCommerce using the WooCommerce Node.

      An example of the WebRequest node being used to perform API calls to WHMCS in order to retrieve a list of clients. The use of a Formatter node demostrates the ability to dynamically generate the URL, meaning URL query strings can be manipulated.
    • Always On

      This Workflow showcases how we can handle processes that need to run on a particular time-frame. In this example the workflow will run every 300 seconds
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    • API against a SQL database

      Takes a database record ID as input (as part of the URI used in the API call) and executes a query against an SQL database based on that parameter.
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    • Choose Node

      This workflow showcases how Flowgear can perform operations if the given expression matches a certain value from a list of predefined values. In this example if the input given is Saturn, the Workflow would execute the Formatter.
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    • Convert Excel to XML

      This workflow showcases how to convert data in Excel to an XML document. This can be used to process data from an excel file and integrate that information into another platform.
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