Integration for SMBs

SMBs (small and midsize businesses) now have access to an integration solution that, in the past, only large enterprises could afford. A few years ago, integrating applications was done using an enterprise service bus (ESB). But because ESBs were complex systems which required technical skills, and a big budget, only large organizations had the resources to implement an ESB.

Now SMBs have access to a better integration engine that does more than an ESB could do, without the overhead and expense

Middleware technologies built in the last 20 years were designed for stable, batch-oriented applications that ran behind a firewall, communicating only via XML and SOAP. The need now is for an integration solution that can handle both real-time and batch integration needs, that has been built for cloud and mobile usage as well as on-premise, and can work with a variety of communication formats and protocols.

Flowgear is an agile, cost effective, and more appropriate solution for application and data integration – that any type and size of business can use. It is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), a cloud-based integration platform that is used to build, deploy and orchestrate integrations between applications that can run anywhere – cloud, on-premise, and mobile. It provides a single, comprehensive solution that securely and reliably links on-premise legacy systems with newer, cloud-based ones for seamless, end-to-end infrastructure connectivity.


  • Flowgear helps businesses do more within their budget.
  • Implementing Flowgear requires no infrastructure installation, and costs are consumption-based, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Integrate seamlessly across on-site applications and cloud solutions, branches, customers and suppliers, using over 100 pre-built connectors.
  • Build connections between isolated applications using a visual designer.
  • Flowgear is a modern solution that allows for internal, non-technical users to be able to at least run an integration to access data.
  • Integrations are flexible, lightweight, and quick to create and implement.
  • Because it runs in the cloud, Flowgear provides high scalability and availability.
  • Flowgear offers a solution to build and manage your own APis, or make use of third-party APIs.

Professional services

If you don’t have the technical skills, or don’t feel confident to develop your own integration workflows, or your business has a special need that requires a custom solution, we offer our expertise to make it happen.

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