Rich developer environment for building integrations

Visual browser-based designer

Build integrations using the Flowgear Console, a graphical browser-based designer that requires no software installation.

  • Create complex integration workflows using a rich visual design console
  • Start creating integration processes immediately
  • Design and manage integrations, including Workflows, Data Connections, DropPoints and Nodes, as well as the ability to review activity history
  • Provides agile integration by coupling design and execution, giving integrators the benefit of much shorter test cycles, and enables an iterative development approach
  • For end-users, Workflows to be run on-demand or enabled for AutoStart. Selected high-level activity information is also presented to end-users.

Pre-built integrations

Developers build out workflows visually – a rich set of connectors are provided out of the box to maximize time spent on an integration task rather than wrapping a third party API.

  • Enable rapid implementation cycles: Flowgear Connectors and reusable design components offer cost-effective and
  • Easily maintained integration solutions, instead of one-off, custom integrations that are expensive to implement and difficult to maintain

Flowgear’s library of connectors covers most integrations requirements. Just drop a connector on to the design canvas and start. Or use one of our pre-built integrations to load and go, or customize to your specific requirements.

  • Product Connectors cover popular enterprise apps for ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and others
  • Technology Connectors cover standards & protocols (databases, file structures)
  • Standard protocols (REST, SOAP)
  • Build and manage APIs. Read how Flowgear works with APIs.

Make connections to on-premise applications easy with Flowgear’s DropPoint™ technology. Read more about DropPoints.

Debugging and developer insights

Integrator productivity is enhanced through the close coupling of Workflow design with execution feedback.

  • Monitor and maintain all deployed integration processes with notifications for successful and failed processes
  • Revision Management enables integration developers to review the complete history of the changes to a Workflow over
    time, providing information about which team members were responsible for a contribution, and rollback or forking of a
  • Release Management allows separate revisions of Workflows to be simultaneously used in different Environments
    (e.g. Test or Production Environments). Developers can control when Workflows are promoted to a different Flowgear
    Environment, and enhancements to integrations can be built and tested without disrupting Production use.
  • Dependency Insights provides information about how Workflows, Connections and DropPoints interact with each other,
    with a visual depiction of the relationship between them. Exposes business and technical dependencies so impact scope can be


Share what you’ve built with others, even if they don’t have a Flowgear account.

Workflow Sharing lets you make your workflow available to anyone with the link. Users can easily add shared workflows to their own Flowgear account, see and re-use snippets like data transforms or code fragments in their own applications.