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Case Study: Security Solutions Provider Maxidor Adds Mobile Reporting To Speed Up Field Paperwork

June 1, 2020

Safety and security solutions provider Maxidor discovered that entering sales orders from the field was delaying customer order processing because franchise dealer sales reps’ mobile devices were having difficulty talking with the company’s legacy premise order management system. As a stop-gap solution, Maxidor dedicated half a dozen employees to manually capture order information and enter it into its system.

Unhappy with the inefficiency and looking for a seamless, end-to-end system to streamline its order processing, Maxidor switched accounting apps and searched for a supplier to help them integrate its mobile and premise systems. The goal was to create fast and reliable mobile/premise system connectivity that would enable franchise sales reps to enter order information on the road and start the manufacturing process as soon as they left their customer’s location.

Maxidor IT manager Yasheen Partab contacted several potential suppliers and selected Flowgear because he was impressed by our simple, comprehensive, cloud-based integration solution that requires no additional premise infrastructure or installation; no expensive, custom software; and provides seamless, fully-transparent mobile-to-back office connectivity. Built for the cloud, Flowgear’s browser-based design canvas and management dashboard make it easy to define processes visually and create customized solutions without custom software.

“Prior to Flowgear, I was pulling my hair out. I did not know how to speed up our business processes. The database took too long and people were complaining about orders. That’s all gone now and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders,” said Partab. “Here at Maxidor we are not an IT company, but we are tech savvy and so it was an enormous benefit to be able to create a solution that perfectly fits our needs without having to do any technical coding or programming.”

Because Flowgear technology utilizes our proprietary DropPoint interface, a fully-secure connection was created between Flowgear and approved on-premise Maxidor systems to help manage all aspects of communication and data transmission. Orders are entered and processed faster and more reliably with rock-solid data compression, while data stays fully secure and available even if connectivity is disrupted.

“Our goal was to mobilize our workforce and accelerate our business and how we get orders into our system,” added Partab. “Flowgear enables us to do that and a lot more. It’s a new relationship and I see it growing as a strategic partnership. In fact, it’s one of the best partnerships I’ve had in a while – it’s been a streamlined process from the beginning. Flowgear has the skills and knowledge to enable the communications we are seeking. Eventually we want to redo all of our reporting using Flowgear and get everything into the cloud.”

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