Credo Books integrates core customer transactions with Flowgear

Credo Books

Johannesburg – 7 September 2015 – Flowgear, Africa’s cloud-based integration platform provider, has enabled Credo Books to integrate e-commerce, publishing inventory and Sage Evolution systems so that its core customer order transactions are automated.

There are many companies using industry-specific applications but also need to integrate those systems with their accounting and other systems. Credo Books, an educational book publisher and retailer, had that challenge. When Credo Books set up their e-commerce site, they realized that they would need a solution to integrate online orders with their other business systems – IBS Bookmaster, a publishing-specific software solution, and Sage Evolution for financial management. Wilhelm Viljoen, COO of Credo Books, describes it as ‘integrating our core transaction process.’ On the recommendation of a business partner, the Flowgear integration solution was selected.

“We run a lean organization, so we wanted to automate as much of the customer transaction as we could,” said Viljoen. Flowgear’s integration platform enabled Credo Books to get order information from the e-commerce system into IBS Bookmaster, which handled inventory, and from there into Sage Evolution, the financial system.

“With Flowgear it was very easy to get things done,” commented Willem Victor, technical consultant. “Automating transactions using Flowgear has benefited us by ensuring greater accuracy and integrity of data, and allowing our staff to focus on more value-added aspects of the business.”

As result of their experience with Flowgear, Credo Books are planning a new integration project to synchronize documentation.

About Flowgear
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