Easily map data between data sources and targets

Flowgear’s QuickMap is a graphical data mapping tool that allows you to visually map and transform data between a source and target schema

Key features

  • Visual hierarchical mapping including upstream and downstream mappings
  • Support for JSON, XML and XML schemas
  • Automatic preview from within the Visual Mapper
  • Manipulate field and container mappings using Excel-like functions
  • Apply filters at the container level using Excel-like functions


  • Map data fields using an intuitive drag and drop UI
  • Filters enable you to focus on a subset of data mappings
  • As part of a data pipeline, integrate and map data between different sources in minutes
  • Do everything from a browser

Watch a video about QuickMap

For technical information, click here for the Help article

Some of the Excel-like functions supported in QuickMap

  • CONCAT – Combines a list of values into a string
  • CONTAINS – Returns true if the specified list contains the specified item
  • FIND – Returns the starting position of one text string within another string
  • ISTEXT – Returns true if the specified value is a string
  • LOWER – Converts a string to lower case
  • REPLACE – Replaces a portion of string with another string
  • STRINGVALUE – Converts a value to a string
  • UPPER – Converts a string to upper case
  • ISNUMBER – Returns true if the specified value is a number
  • NUMBERVALUE – Converts a value to a number
  • DATEVALUE – Converts a string representation of a date to a date type
  • FORMATDATE – Formats a date according to the specified format string
  • NOW – Returns the current UTC date and time or if timeZone is supplied, returns the current local date and time for the time zone
  • IIF – Checks whether a condition is met and returns the value specified in trueValue if TRUE, otherwise falseValue if FALSE
  • LOOKUP – Looks up a value in a string by matching on a key value and returns a corresponding value (like Excel Vlookup)

Click here to see the complete list of QuickMap functions

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