Integrate with MySQL database

Integrate data in a MySQL database with other applications and data stores

MySQL is a very popular open source relational database management system.

Flowgear has MySQL Connectors for querying and updating data in MySQL tables.

Easily query and update tables

Running an SQL queries against a MySQL database returns the results as an XML Document.

Execute bulk insert/update on a database without having to hand-write INSERT or UPDATE statements.

Access in the cloud or on-premise

MySQL Connectors can be run in-cloud, or on-premise using a Flowgear DropPoint, without additional drivers.

Get up to speed quickly

  • Start integrating transactions in minutes
  • Design and monitor everything from a browser
  • Samples and schemas available directly in Flowgear

Use case

  • Use Flowgear’s MySQL Connectors to integrate data between a MySQL database and other applications.

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