Integrating data from files

Powerful data integration for different file formats

Flowgear supports integration for several file formats and file transfer protocols

Actions on files

  • Read, write, delete a file located locally, on file share, using FPT/FTPS/SFTP
  • List files matching a specified criteria in the specified location
  • Initiates an action when a file in the specified folder matching the specified mask is created, modified or renamed. Performs operations on files without actually loading them into Flowgear
  • Performs copy, move and delete of files
  • Move large files into Azure Blob Storage or read large blobs into a local file

Actions on file contents

  • Convert an XML document to flat file or vice versa, supports fixed width and delimited files
  • Generates a ZIP file containing a set of files, or unpacks the contents of a ZIP file to the filesystem

Special file formats

PDF documents

  • Reads contents of a PDF document and returns the text inside it as an XML document so that it can be easily parsed

Multiple record files

  • Support for file data structures that contain different types of records within the same file, where individual records are identified by a unique ID value within each record.

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