Integrate with Azure Blob storage

Integrate your applications that use unstructured data with Azure Blob storage

Azure Blob storage is Microsoft’s object storage solution for unstructured data like images, documents, streaming video and audio, or log files.

Flowgear has two connectors for Azure Blob storage.

  • The Azure Blob File Connector writes and reads large blobs into a local file
  • The Azure Blob Storage Connector writes and reads Azure blobs from memory

Easily access data

Easily access unstructured data in Azure Blob storage and integrate with on-premise and cloud applications.

Integrate data with apps anywhere

Store and retrieve unstructured data and integrate with other applications anywhere – business applications, mobile apps, IoT devices.

Get up to speed quickly

  • Start integrating transactions in minutes
  • Design and monitor everything from a browser
  • Samples and schemas available directly in Flowgear

Use cases

  • Cost-effectively access unstructured data like documents, streaming files and binary objects
  • Store data in Azure Blog storage and secure it from unauthorized access
  • Build Workflows to handle unstructured data that can store and retrieve files via HTTP/HTTPS

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