Use Flowgear's pre-built connector to integrate with Slack

Product description

Slack is a cloud-based team communication and collaboration tool that allows for synchronous communication on different devices.

Simplify the work of your teams by integrating business systems with Slack.

Use the Flowgear platform to increase your productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence!

Popular examples and use cases

Post updates to a Slack channel | Get notified via Slack about application events

Benefits of using this connector

  • Push notifications to a dedicated Slack channel instead of using email notifications
  • Create workflows and bring data from other applications
  • Get more value from using Slack by integrating with other software

Help articles

  • Send Slack Message

    Posts a message to Slack via the Incoming WebHooks API

Technical specifications

  • Configure an Incoming WebHook in your Slack account before using this Connector

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