Use Flowgear's pre-built connector to integrate with FreshBooks

Product description

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software package geared mainly toward small-sized businessess.

The Flowgear FreshBooks Connector provides frictionless integration with other applications.

Use the Flowgear platform to increase your productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence!

Popular examples and use cases

Update client | Get invoices | List receipts | Update payments | Create a project

Benefits of using this connector

  • Synchronize data between FreshBooks and your other business applications
  • Ensure data integrity and validation
  • Eliminate manual data entry from other applications

Shared workflow examples

Help articles

  • Freshbooks

    How to integrate into FreshBooks via it's REST API

Technical specifications

  • FreshBooks account (a trial account can also be used)
  • Understanding of XML
  • A test FreshBooks Company to build against

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