Flowgear Queues

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Product description

Flowgear Queues provide a way to implement asynchronous workflow processing through a Site-specific Flowgear queue.

The Flowgear Queue node provides queue and de-queue actions for a specified queue. The Flowgear Dequeue node de-queues messages from the specified queue.

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Popular examples and use cases

Asynchronously process workloads by de-queueing tasks into a Workflow | Smooth processing load by having one workflow enqueue while another de-queues them

Benefits of using this connector

  • Manage asynchronous Workflow patterns
  • Store and retrieve messages between application components

Help articles

  • Flowgear Queue

    Provides queue and de-queue actions for a specified queue
  • Flowgear Dequeue

    Qe-queues messages from the specified queue

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