Flowgear Queues

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Product description

Flowgear Queues provide a way to implement asynchronous workflow processing through a Site-specific Flowgear queue.

The Flowgear Queue node provides queue and de-queue actions for a specified queue. The Flowgear Dequeue node de-queues messages from the specified queue.

Use the Flowgear platform to increase your productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence!

Benefits of using this connector

  • The most important requirement is to constantly maintain the integrations and workflows

    Integrations quickly become a critical component of your business operations and need to be maintained in real-time.

    Third Party endpoints like Flowgear Queues are frequently updated, which if unmanaged, can result in downtime. Companies cannot afford the time to review 1000's of lines of code or be dependent on individual developers as seen with hand coded solutions.

    Hand coding and plug-ins are brittle by nature, as they are developed to integrate with Flowgear Queues at a specific point in time. When Flowgear Queues is regularly updated, the hand coding is likely to break causing disruption to the business.
  • Avoid complex API documentation, deliver solutions in 25% of the time to hand code.

    Each Flowgear connector includes a Sample.

    This is the way Flowgear visually surfaces all the features, objects and fields made available by the Flowgear Queues API, including any customized objects.

    Example: "Create Contact" quickly filter through 3500 Salesforce Objects.

    See Video – Salesforce Samples
  • Avoid down-time or disruption caused by brittle hand coded solutions or plug-ins
  • Connectors and workflows are constantly updated and maintained in real-time
  • Speed of deployment – 75% faster than hand coding
  • All your current and future integrations are built and maintained on one platform
  • Achieve a conservative cost reduction of between 40% - 60% when compared with a hand coded equivalent
  • Empowers non-technical team members to understand and contribute the process
  • Let Flowgear handle automation so you can focus on growing your business
  • Improve security, reliability and control the process end-end
  • Automate acquisition of data from any app, service, file, or database
  • Code-free, visual mapping of data
  • No FTP or file -based intermediaries
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Integrate with both on-premises and cloud-based systems (or a hybrid thereof)
  • Secure, API-led platform, 100% compliant with GDPR and other data privacy laws
  • Manage asynchronous Workflow patterns
  • Store and retrieve messages between application components

Complimentary Proof of Concept

Not sure how the Flowgear Queues integration would work on your own systems? Test before you buy!

See the Flowgear Queues integration in action with our complimentary proof of concept. Register for our free trial and the Flowgear integration experts will build a free proof of concept workflow based on your own integration requirements. No credit card needed and no obligation! We're happy to demonstrate how Flowgear's enterprise-grade integration platform can be applied to your organization and how a single workflow can boost your productivity and profitability.

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Popular examples and use cases

  • Asynchronously process workloads by de-queueing tasks into a Workflow
  • Smooth processing load by having one workflow enqueue while another de-queues them

Help articles

  • Flowgear Queue

    Provides queue and de-queue actions for a specified queue
  • Flowgear Dequeue

    Qe-queues messages from the specified queue