Integrate your SugarCRM system easily

Flowgear’s connector for SugarCRM provides the integration with other applications , enabling you to synchronize data across applications and ensure data consistency

You’ve chosen the CRM that’s easy, now choose the integration solution that’s also easy.

Automate integrations

Ensure integrations are seamless, Automate updates of accounts, contacts, and quotes

Synchronize data across systems

Create new accounts in SugarCRM or your accounting system, and Flowgear will synchronize the data between systems

Connect to other applications like

  • Sage One
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Zendesk

Get up to speed quickly

  • Start integrating in minutes
  • No coding required
  • Design and monitor everything from a browser
  • Data samples and schemas available directly from Flowgear

Integration examples


  • Date entered, and modified
  • Assigned user
  • Shipping and billing address
  • Industry
  • Parent owner


  • Start and end dates
  • Currency
  • Contract value
  • Assigned user


  • Date created, modified
  • Currency
  • Total value
  • Discount
  • Expected close date
  • Payment terms
  • Purchase order details
  • Billing and shipping address

Discover how easy integration is with Flowgear

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