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December 2018

Flowgear’s enhanced QuickMap node

See how Flowgear’s enhanced QuickMap visual data mapper makes it easier to build sophisticated integrations without requiring coding or technical scripting.

May 2018

How to project manage an integration project

In this webinar we cover the best practices for managing and running an app or data integration project

October 2017

Low Logging, new Special Variable Bar properties, using API keys

An online workshop covering

  • improving logging performance with Low Logging
  • new Special Variable Bar properties
  • enhanced authentication with API keys

June 2017

Build an API, Work with Files, Run JavaScript + New features

This webinar covers some new features and provides helpful how-tos on two questions we often get.

  • new user and account management features
  • support for embedded Javascript in the new Node.js Node
  • how to work with files, including FTP
  • how to bind a workflow to an API

July 2016

How to Build Your Own Connector with Flowgear (Part 2)

We’re showing you some of the techniques we use to automatically gather samples (example use cases), and how to use and test them before you publish your Connector. We show you how to publish the Connector into the Flowgear store.

June 2016

How to Build Your Own Connector with Flowgear (Part 1)

We’ve worked really hard to make it ridiculously easy to build your own Connectors for Flowgear. This is the first of a two part series that shows you how to build a Connector and live-debug it in the Flowgear Console.

Take a look at developers.flowgear.net/kb/Building_Nodes for the article on this topic.

Enjoyed this screencast? There’s more goodness at flowgear.net/webinars.

March 2017

Data Imports

The Data Imports feature allows you to do bulk data imports easily and quickly. A number of Flowgear Connectors support the Data Imports feature. In this webinar we show you how to use Data Imports with SYSPRO, Sage Evolution, Sage Pastel Partner, and Microsoft SQL Server.

November 2016

Enterprise-class integration enhancements + Validate

We show some enterprise-class integration enhancements – how they benefit business and increase developer productivity.

  • Revision Management enables you to review old revisions and optionally re-use them.
  • Release Management allows separate revisions of Workflows to be simultaneously used in different Environments (eg. Test or Production).
  • Dependency Insights provides a visual depiction of the relationship between Workflows, Connections and DropPoints.

We also cover a new node – Validate

April 2016

How to integrate with popular SMB accounting packages

1. Integrate with SMB accounting packages:
– Sage One
– QuickBooks Online
– FreshBooks
2. Demo of how to integrate data like customers and orders, and how the new Flowgear Console makes this even easier.

The shared workflows created in the webinar are:
– SageOne – http://flowgear.me/#s/KBTCycu
– QuickBooks Online – http://flowgear.me/#s/A6s5Uj1
– FreshBooks –  http://flowgear.me/#s/hRk0fsl

March 2016

Developer focus

Developer focus
1. Getting the most of out the design experience
2. Platform potpourri – Transactional Data Integration

January 2016

Integrating with SYSPRO ERP

1. Integrating with SYSPRO ERP
2. Pattern potpourri – Master Data Integration

November 2015

Preview of the new Flowgear console

1. Preview of the new Flowgear console
2. APIs – what are they, how can you create them in Flowgear

October 2015

Introduction to key workflow concepts

1. Introduction to key workflow concepts
2. Sage Evolution integration
3. How to automate an integration