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    Frequently asked questions

    How and when do I receive a $450 referral bonus?

    When your referral qualifies as a sales opportunity, we will contact you for payout.

    Can I receive more than one $450 referral bonus?

    Yes! You can refer as many people as you like. You will receive a $450 bonus for each referral who qualifies as a sales opportunity. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can submit.

    Do I have to be a Flowgear customer to send a referral?

    No, anyone can send in a referral. The same bonus eligibility rules apply to all referral sources.

    Do I receive multiple referral bonuses if a referral signs up for multiple products?

    Referral leads for the following Flowgear products do not qualify for referral bonus: Product names go here?. Flowgear Services also do not qualify for a referral bonus.

    How long will it take before I receive my $450 referral bonus?

    Please know that it takes us time to connect with your referral contact, then speak with them, evaluate fit and qualify as a sales opportunity, before we can process your bonus payment.

    What do you do with the information I provide? Do you share it or sell it?

    No, we don’t. We will contact your referral regarding Flowgear products, but we’ll never sell or share your contact information, or your referral contact information.

    What is your Privacy Policy?

    This program is intended to be shared with your friends and colleagues. If we discover you are sending unsolicited referrals to uninterested parties, you will no longer be eligible for the referral program. See Flowgear Privacy Policy for additional information.

    * All referral commisions are subject to Flowgears Refer-a-Friend Program T&C’s which may be modified and applied in the future. For more information on our referral program contact