Easily connect to on-premise applications

Many business run their systems and access data on-premise. In the past, managing integrations between on-premise applications and data sources meant investing in an enterprise service bus (ESB) or a custom-built solution; both costly and time-consuming options.

With Flowgear, you can have better integration capabilities than an ESB or custom-built solutions, without additional infrastructure or complex on-premises software deployment. Flowgear also supports access to on-premise data sources, such as file systems and FTP.

Access to on-premise applications is managed by a Flowgear DropPoint. A DropPoint is a service that is installed on a workstation, application or data server to enable access to data sources that are not exposed to the Internet. Read more about DropPoints

FLOWGEAR on-premise integration


  • Build and manage integrations without additional infrastructure or complex software deployments
  • Lower cost than an ESB
  • Quicker time-to-implementation
  • Gain agility by responding quickly to changing integration requirements
  • Connect to all on-premises systems
  • Easily bridge systems and services in separate networks and locations

What you need to know

Example videos

Integration with SQL Server

Integration with SYSPRO ERP

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