Connect with cloud applications

Flowgear is a cloud-native platform and uses the same technologies as the SaaS applications it services to bring maximum efficiency to cloud integration.

We provide full support for current standards, such as web API’s, REST, JSON, OAuth.

We also offer an SDK so developers can build their own Flowgear Connectors and ensure full integration capability for their cloud apps.

FLOWGEAR cloud integration 2


  • Control of cloud-based systems integration
  • Agility to meet new integration requirements in short time
  • Pre-built cloud service connectors ensure fastest possible time to value
  • Integrate with public cloud services
  • Reduce the learning curve for developers already familiar with a product or service API
  • No complex software needs to be deployed

What you need to know

  • Understand the application or data source you want to integrate
  • How to set up a Connection for the application (see Connecting to cloud software)

Examples video

Connecting to cloud app QuickBooks Online

Flowgear Help article

Connecting to cloud software

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