Integration for EDI

Easily exchange EDI documents with Flowgear’s multiple-record file Connector.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of business partners exchanging transaction data electronically rather than with paper. Documents used for EDI have a structured format consisting of different types of records within the same file.

Example file format


  • Exchange EDI documents without installing additional infrastructure
  • Powerful data transformation capabilities of the Flowgear platform
  • Run EDI transactions on a planned schedule, or when needed
  • Centralize the orchestration and monitoring all EDI integrations
  • Data is encrypted, compressed, and protected from packet loss to ensure data security and integrity

What to do

  • Define document formats with business partners, and document exchange procedures
  • Build EDI integrations using Flowgear’s browser-based graphical design Console
  • Deploy EDI integrations on the cloud-based Flowgear platform, or a private cloud instance of Flowgear
  • Manage and monitor all EDI transactions via the Flowgear Console

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