Connect Electronically to Africa’s Retailers

Process orders, invoices and other supply chain activities with major retailers on the African continent.

Why is electronic data interchange important?

There are several reasons why organizations move their business transactions with trading partners to an electronic model.

  • Cost saving – EDI reduces clerical effort and the tedious, time-consuming work of manual data entry
  • Greater efficiency – staff can spend their time on more important and productive tasks
  • Speed – transactions that took days can be processed in hours or minutes
  • Accuracy – by automating transactions, errors can be substantially reduced and error detection is improved
  • Visibility – the status of transactions can be seen in near real-time, improving responsiveness and communication between trading partners
  • Data security – transacting electronically ensures far greater data authentication, security, confidentiality and integrity

Retailers supported

  • Pick n Pay
  • Shoprite
  • Builders Warehouse

If there is a retailer not listed here, chat with us.

What you can do using Flowgear

  • Process transactions in XML or JSON format
  • Integrate purchase and sales orders into your accounting or ERP system
  • Provide inventory data (stock items, prices), sales orders and status, to suppliers
  • Respond to or follow up transactions with text messages
Ready to get started with Flowgear?

If you want more information about Flowgear’s integrations for African retailers, tell us what you need. Or chat with us.