Streamlining your IT infrastructure with cloud-based integration

SaaS and PaaS first introduced organizations to the benefits of cloud-based services, providing scalability, speed, flexibility, and massive storage capacity – all without additional infrastructure or diversion of existing resources. The next logical step, of course, was integration-platform-as-a-service, or iPaaS. Initially iPaaS was adopted by... Read More

How an Enterprise Integration Platform Improves Your Business Agility

Organizations and enterprises of every size increasingly turn to hybrid ground-to-cloud infrastructures in an attempt to maximize IT system, flexibility, scalability, and capacity. As a result, system complexity skyrockets. SMBs and large enterprises alike can end up struggling with piecemeal infrastructures that include on-premise legacy... Read More

3 Benefits of a Cloud Integration Platform

Every day, more applications, processes, and systems are moving to the cloud, and for good reason. The cloud eliminates the need for extra infrastructure while offering rapid scalability and maximum flexibility. However, today’s IT systems are highly complex beasts, utilizing myriad apps, channels, platforms, and... Read More

APIs: The Number One Sales Barrier for SaaS Vendors

It’s no surprise that a critical tool for virtually every SaaS vendor is the application programming interface (API). Success for any SaaS vendor rides on not only how well their software functions but how well they can provide crucial “last-mile” integration for their customers. Without... Read More

What Is Integration Platform As A Service?

In the rapidly-evolving world of IT, one of the biggest ongoing challenges is application and data integration, both within the enterprise and across enterprises. This, of course, has become even more challenging with the need to integrate traditional on-premise software with the proliferation of cloud-based... Read More