A new approach to business-to-business integration with SYSPRO

Having an integrated system like SYSPRO to improve business management is a major reason why organizations adopt an ERP. But as someone with many years in ERP, and SYSPRO specifically, I know that the issue of integration never goes away. Increasingly, business-to-business integration is becoming... Read More

Integrating e-commerce platforms with accounting software

If you transact with your customers via the Internet, should you be looking at an e-commerce platform? Whether you have an e-commerce website, or will implement one soon, how do you integrate it with your back-office accounting or ERP system so that customer orders get... Read More

Solving the development challenges for mobile app development

In a previous blog we summarized some of the main issues that were presented at the Gartner AADI Summit. Gartner are now also predicting that the demand for mobile apps will grow far faster than IT organizations can deliver them. Mobile app developers are therefore going... Read More

Making EDI simpler for retail suppliers

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been an established technology for data exchange since the 1980s. It has enabled many organizations to start automating the procurement and accounts payable processes, and to speed up transactions and reduced costs. However, EDI has not been adopted as widely... Read More

How to make Excel awesome with Flowgear – Part 2

In the previous blog we introduced the Flowgear-Excel integration and how it adds awesomeness to using Excel. In this post we will go into some basic examples. To recap, Excel integration is useful for outsourcing domain-specific number crunching and application logic that a business user... Read More

How to make Excel awesome with Flowgear – Part 1

Whenever people need to organize, format, and tabulate data, or calculate data with formulas, they create an Excel spreadsheet. Excel formulas provide a language for business logic than everyone understands. Almost all businesses use Excel spreadsheets for important reporting and analysis purposes because it's easier... Read More

How application integration is improved with agile development

The evidence is growing. Analysts and other independent research, as well as our own experience, is showing that integration is becoming an increasing need of modern businesses. Essentially, there is too much inaccessible business data, and too many data and application silos. It's a well... Read More

How iPaaS overcomes the challenges of SOA and APIs

Getting software applications inside and outside the enterprise to integrate with each other and transfer data properly has been through many phases. Starting with manual data exchange (i.e. re-typing), and then moving to flat files, and then FTP (File Transfer Protocol), it has been fraught... Read More

10 signs you need to update your integration strategy

Organizations face the new challenge of integrating cloud and on-premise software. Here are 10 signs that it’s time to update your integration strategy so you can cost-effectively tie everything together in a comprehensive, enterprise-wide infrastructure.

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The difference between data and application integration

What is the difference between data integration and application integration, and why is the difference important? Data integration has been around for a while; but application integration is newer with different, more complex challenges

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