How SMBs can use the Internet of Things

The term 'Internet of Things' was created by Kevin Ashton when he was at MIT in 1999 as the title of a PowerPoint. He defines it as "information technology that can gather its own information." However, if you surveyed SMBs (small- and mid-size businesses) about... Read More

How to benefit from the API economy

The API economy is a term people are using to describe the way application programming interfaces (APIs) can benefit an organization's bottom line. It's not just a technical IT issue, there are business benefits to exposing APIs as business building blocks for third party applications.... Read More

Managing the hybrid integration challenge

The days of the single vendor application suite is coming to an end. Enterprise software systems like ERP are getting too complex, too costly, and too restrictive for businesses to operate properly. This is an observation that analysts at Forrester and Gartner are reporting. As businesses... Read More

Why implementing SaaS isn’t easy – and how to make it easier

Analysts have reported that SaaS is the most common form of cloud application. The downside is that integrating SaaS software with existing legacy systems, as well as other SaaS applications, can be a struggle. How can you avoid integration problems like ‘spaghetti integration’ when integrating SaaS systems?

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Getting started with Flowgear for first-time integrators – tutorial

If you are a business analyst or IT manager who needs to get to grips with software integration, here are the steps you need to know to get started with Flowgear

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15 important points to check in an integration project

One of the fastest growing areas of application middleware is integration platforms, and they are increasingly being deployed in more complex enterprise projects. As this is still a new area, the issues and activities of integration projects are still being learnt by software architects and managers. In this blog we providing a checklist for integration projects, based on the projects we have been involved in over the past four years.

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What’s so important about software integration?

Interest in software integration – application integration, integration of cloud apps, or ERP integration – is growing. It’s increasingly become a challenge for organizations as they transition their operations to more modern, cloud-based solutions, or as they add new applications to their current IT portfolio. How can you address this issue?

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Ways to improve business by integrating apps with Sage

Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) use one of the Sage accounting or ERP systems to manage the business and provide the single ‘version of truth’. But many SMBs also rely other software for important line-of-business functions and to handle electronic orders from customers. How does a business cope with integrating its Sage software with other internal systems and with external parties? They need to have assurance that a number of key requirements can be satisfied.

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Simplify your API management with

API’s are now the technology to enable entry points that allow an application to interact with another system, for example sharing data with partners and customers. But you don’t need to invest in a dedicated API management software. With Flowgear we’ve also enabled API management.

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How to process transactions in PDF documents

PDF documents are a great way to present information to people, but they are frequently used as a way to communicate information that software needs to act on. The PDF document format is used by many companies for sending out electronic business documents, such as... Read More