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How iPaaS overcomes the challenges of cloud integration

September 5, 2014

As enterprise IT infrastructure continues to move to the cloud, the need to safely and reliably integrate a wide range of on-premises and cloud systems becomes increasingly critical. However, traditional integration tools are inadequate for handling the complex integration challenges enterprise IT managers face when trying to manage cloud/ground data flow and link cloud-based services with on-premises legacy systems.

While there are several ways to effect integration, industry analysts such as Gartner and Ovum are increasingly leaning toward integration-as-a-platform (iPaaS) as the most efficient and effective means of achieving on-premises and cloud-based systems integration. In fact, Gartner forecasts that at least 35 percent of mid-size and large enterprises will be using iPaaS for cloud/ground integration by 2016. Gartner analysts attribute this growing trend, in part, to enterprise IT’s affinity for SaaS and familiarity with the lower costs, faster implementation, and ease-of-use associated with cloud-based services.

However, the challenges of cloud integration are giving some business and IT managers pause, due to the complexity and risk they see in trying to tie together mission-critical on-premises legacy systems with newer, cloud-based ones.  At the same time, those very challenges are what make iPaaS so appealing, with its built-in API connectors, best-practices rules, and automated, platform-agnostic integration.

Analysts and integrators alike agree that iPaaS technology offers the most flexible, secure, and reliable way to easily integrate crucial on-premises systems with cloud-based applications and services. The benefits of iPaaS include:

  • Streamlined, automated on-premises/SaaS integration
  • No software coding
  • No complex software installation
  • Fast, flexible, and easy Web API connectivity, regardless of platform

To learn more about iPaaS and how it can help safely and seamlessly integrate your on-premises enterprise IT infrastructure with cloud systems, register for our 45-minute webinar, How iPaaS Overcomes The Challenges of Cloud Integration, September 11, 4PM SAST/10AM EDT.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: After the webinar, we’ll be offering qualified candidates a FREE Technical Assessment to help determine their IT infrastructure’s capability to fully integrate on-premises legacy systems with cloud-based applications and networks using iPaaS.


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